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Diabotical: A Beginner’s Guide

Diabotical is a fast-paced multiplayer Arena FPS set in a colorful robot universe that features gameplay similar to Quake III Arena and its successors.

The game is developed by Swedish GD Studio and published by Epic Games, and was released just recently, in 2020. The creators have set aside $250.000 for esports competitions which bodes well for the game’s future as an esports game.

Considering the skill-focused fast-paced gameplay, Diabotical is a perfect game for esports. There are various modes to enjoy during the game, with extra powerups and various weapons that help add even more variation to the gameplay.

If you’re a fan of arena FPS games, then Diabotical is a game to watch. Although having gone out of fashion over the past ten years, these types of games boast extraordinary excitement and high levels of skill.

If you would prefer to get involved in esports yourself, then this is a game that might be a good option. Since it’s new, there is still plenty of opportunities for new players to get involved as the game matures.

Diabotical gameplay is characterized as fast-paced, with plenty of variation and dynamic movements all packed into a simple yet fun package. Game modes range from team-based games to free-for-all games which allow all types of players to enjoy this game.

Most popular Diabotical news and community websites

Diabotical Reddit

A fast-paced discussion about fast-paced Arena FPS game developed by the GD Studio’s.

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