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Hearthstone: A Beginner’s Guide

Hearthstone is a card game developed by Blizzard and released in May 2014. In the game, each player chooses a hero from the Warcraft universe to then play turn-based games using the cards in decks. The game is free to play, but there is in-game currency gold that allows you to do additional purchases. 

One of Hearthstone’s strengths is its addictive and easy to learn game mechanics. New players entering the game don’t have to be familiar with either strategy games or the Warcraft universe in particular. Hearthstone is a title for all types of players, from the most novice to the most expert. Under the motto “simple in appearance, wildly funny”.

In Hearthstone, you choose to play with one of the nine heroes of Warcraft using cards of decks that can be assembled according to the taste of each player. The cards are used for casting spells, using weapons and skills, or taking advantage of the minions to beat the rival. At the beginning of each Hearthstone game, both players have a life of 30 (which can be complemented with armor for extra protection). The player who manages to take the life of the rival hero to 0, wins the game.

Check out the documentary Hearthstone Champions Tour to dive into the world of Hearthstone.

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