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About Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a game that has been around for over a decade now, with a plethora of skilled players competing in esports competitions.

The game was created by Blizzard Entertainment and is a sequel to the original Starcraft, which entered the scene in 1998. If you’re a fan of old-school PC games and were an avid gamer during the nineties and noughties, then Starcraft 2 is a game that you undoubtedly already know. It’s a science-fiction strategy game, with various expansion packs being released over the past 10+ years.

The game is available on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and is very similar to the original Starcraft, encompassing many of the great game features you saw in other strategy games popular during that time period.

Although South-Korea is known to harbor the most professional Starcraft 2 players, you can find esports competitions throughout the world for this game.

With high-quality graphics for the time it was developed and a fantastic storyline in single-player mode, it’s a game for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re into esports, then the global finals held at BlizzCon each year are the pinnacle of Starcraft 2 gameplay and definitely worth checking out.