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Valorant: A Beginner’s Guide

Valorant is a fresh new free-to-play tactical FPS developed by Riot Games (best known for developing League of Legends) and launched first as closed BETA on the 7th of April 2020, Act 1 started on the 2nd of June 2020.

The game has started off well and garnered lots of positive reviews and a large follower base from many different major FPS esports titles within the streaming community and professional gamers scene.

Valorant is a 5v5 team-based tactical FPS, where matches are played in a similar classic type of format T vs CT and with buy phases as in CS:GO.

In Valorant, players get to choose one of 10 available characters which each has their own unique abilities, and match winners is the best of 13 rounds. Even though it’s still early days for the game, the recipe for success seems obvious when the game combines raw mechanical aim and movement together with character-specific advantages which can create a lot of X factors.

Is Valorant the next big thing in esports? We surely think it is, but let’s let the time tell.

According to the North-American FPS streaming superstar ShroudValorant will overtake Counter-Strike as the most played first-person shooter.


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Omen character
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Valorant Omen Background

Highlighted Valorant article:

“How Riot Games finally made something new”


While Valorant is still just as much about twitch aiming and perfect precision as games like Counter-Strike, Agents supplied a new wrinkle to that formula, and a ready-made ingredient that Riot could continually add to keep it fresh.

– Austen Goslin

Popular Valorant news, youtube channels and community websites

Find out what is happening in the Valorant community today. Reddit is one of the most-visited websites around the world and the main platform for community discussions in all of esports. Valorant Reddit is no exception when it comes to finding the most relevant information about the game.

Riot Games Valorant blog

Valorant news, patch notes, developer’s blog, and updates. Valorant blog is the developer’s diary and helps you to find all the latest updates from the world of Valorant. One of the core values of team Riot Games is “Execute with excellence” and they have done exactly that with this excellent blog.

Valorant Youtube

Valorant developer team interviews, patch notes, podcasts, and community updates.

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